If you . . .

  • Have an existing yoga practice
  • Have at least some experience with body acceptance
  • Or want to know more about both before committing

Then The Stretch is for you. (And it’s free.)

Yoga + Body Acceptance

I’ll start with the bad news: neither yoga nor body acceptance are things that will change your life overnight. Nothing sustainable ever will.

But here’s the good news: done in simple, everyday ways that are integrated into your actual life (not your fantasy life that only exists in daydreams where you have abundant amounts of time, energy and other resources and nothing unexpected ever happens), yoga and body acceptance absolutely have the potential to change your life in meaningful, lasting ways.

Yoga for Your Actual Life

As tempting as it is to commit to something like yoga or body acceptance for life and call it a day, most of us know from our own experience that that’s rarely how it happens. I mean, how many times have you started a new yoga practice plan on a Monday morning, only to have it fizzled out a week and a half later (if you’re really doing well)?


How we proceed, how we work as humans, is much more cyclical than that. We’re seasonal beings that do well with times of enthusiasm, times of maintenance and times of rest/integration. Of course, we resist these cycles and often make ourselves feel bad about them, trying to shoehorn ourselves into non-stop enthusiasm at all times, but that’s not real life.

Here at Curvy Yoga we’re focused on a slow and steady approach that actually lasts rather than a flame up and burn out approach that doesn’t. We don’t only do this because research shows us time and time again that this is how change happens but also because it’s what we’ve learned from our own experience — and from both yoga and body acceptance themselves.

The Power of Practice

Yoga has its ooohhhh and aaahhh moments with some of its poses, but the deeper power of the practice comes from how it asks you to be in ongoing, evolving conversation with your body on a regular basis. No quick fixes. And actually, no fixes at all. Yoga isn’t part of a “fix yourself” paradigm but rather a “know yourself” paradigm. And the same is true of body acceptance. While you may experience fleeting moments of epiphany or joyous love for your body, the day-to-day experience of body acceptance is much quieter than that. It’s the companionable silence found in long-term relationships, except this time the relationship is between you and your body.

If you’ve found yourself in the flame up and burn out cycle of yoga, body acceptance or both more times than you’d care to count, The Stretch is for you.

What You’ll Find

I want all of us in the Curvy Yoga community to experience The Stretch, whether you’re a paid member of our Studio or not. So together, we will ebb and flow together through a practice process three times per year, with three months of practice and one month of integration each time. Each month of The Stretch we’ll explore a broad theme, with a different focus area each week that incorporates both yoga and body acceptance. As part of The Stretch, you will find suggestions for how you can bring these themes into your everyday life.

This four month cycle, including one month of rest and integration, is designed to give us each space, both alone and together, to explore with support and without overwhelm. You can join in at any time, and you have the opportunity to start the process again, seeing what newness it holds for you, every January (Season One), May (Season Two) and September (Season Three). Each month of the process is both self-contained and speaks to the other months, so you also have the opportunity for a mini refresh at the start of each month.

Each month you can expect regular emails exploring the area of focus and resource suggestions for further exploration. You will plug in your existing yoga and body acceptance practices as we go along.


Each year we work with three interrelated themes. Last year we did Mind/Body/Spirit, and this year we’re doing Breathe/Move/Release.

We chose Breathe/Move/Release for how it shows up naturally both on and off the mat. For example, a typical yoga class starts with breathwork, then turns to movement, and finally ends with relaxation. Of course, each component is always showing up in the others, too. And off the mat, we both bring these areas into our everyday life concretely (taking a deep breath) and in a bigger picture way (allowing space in your schedule to not feel overwhelmed).

Join Us!

Here’s the best news: you can practice with us for free! All you have to do is sign up below to start getting all of the above. And if you find you want more, you can become a member of Curvy Yoga Studio where you can get everything in The Stretch plus dig deeper into these themes in a private community, practice together in live classes, get access to our library of over 250 Curvy Yoga practice videos from 5 to 60 minutes in length (with new ones added by member request every month) and much, much more!

Can’t wait to start practicing with you!