Hi there,

On the Studio podcast this month I’m talking about:

  • Thinking about your New Year yoga practice
  • My favorite tip for creating a sustainable practice
  • Practice reflection questions for your consideration


4 responses to “December Podcast: Considering Your New Year Practice

  • Hi Anna,

    thank you, I enjoyed the podcast. So much laughter in recognition! Great to have things named.

    I’m still new here, I joined in with the December Stretch and then subscribed. I am noticing most of all that I feel the practices aren’t hard enough – this is a very old pattern for me, to do with “making a big effort” as being the only valid way, rather than looking at consistency, the value of small steps, and not exhausting myself with something intended to be supportive. I mean, there’s nothing to stop me from continuing if I want to move more, right? But the key is moving at all! And that may well be my “resolution”, or the thing that I play with for the next while…

    Sending love

    • Yes! This has been such a big one for me, too: “I have to do ALL the things as intensely as possible!” Of course, did that ever support me or last? Hahaha. I love your idea of digging in, seeing what works, and then seeing what else might become part of your repertoire, too. I think it’s awesome to have different options in your movement repertoire! Thanks for this!

  • Thank you for these! I am actually giving my practice a rethink and redo this year to better reflect where I am right now as I found myself getting caught up this year in the ‘practice as Doctor’ syndrome which is doing its rounds among the chronic illness community (i.e., yoga will ‘fix’ us). As a result I managed to injure myself doing a yoga practice rather than listening to my body because I was trying to tell myself forcing the work was ‘good for me’. So now I’m recovered, I’m definitely taking a look at my practice and revising it, trying not to get sucked into the general pandering, and try to approach yoga again from a point of gentleness, rather than another stick to try to beat my body into shape with.

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