Welcome to The Stretch! If you sometimes come to the Studio unsure of what practice you want to do, The Stretch is for you! Below you will find a variety of video practice recommendations, as well as accompanying reflection questions. If they speak to you, you can use the questions before, during, or after your practice (or not at all!).

During January you will find practice suggestions every third day of the month. Then once you’re in the groove a bit, you’ll find weekly suggestions for February and March. The most recent suggestions will be on the top.

April is a rest and integration month — re-practice some of what’s below or choose what you like from the Library! Round Two, Move, will begin in May. Happy practicing!

Anna & Liz

March 31

Which of the breathwork techniques in this practice resonated with you, and which could you carry with you to use when needed, on or off the mat?

Breath Work for Stressful Days

March 24

What does it feel like to combine strength, balance, opening, and breath

Open, Strengthen & Balance

March 17

What part of your body do you tend to hold tension from your day, and how can you build relaxing that into your evenings?

Evening Unwind

March 10

What would it be like to give yourself permission to sigh out a deep breath when you need it today?

Sigh It Out

March 3

There are so many ways to find balance. What is one you might like to work with after this practice?

Let's Balance

February 24

What does it feel like to sync your breath and your movement?

Flowin': Slow & Curvy

February 17

When thinking about your personal toolbox, what from this practice might you add for times when you feel anxious?

Anxiety Discharge

February 10

What possibilities open when you take a few minutes for yourself?

Contemplate on You

February 3

What did you notice when you worked with the ball in this practice?

Roll with It

January 31

What could you apply from this practice the next time you feel overwhelmed?

The Antidote to Overwhelmed

January 28

Where do you find sacred space, both within and without?

Finding Your Sacred Space

January 25

What have you noticed about your breath over time?

May My Breath Be a Teacher

January 22

How does it feel in your body when you take a deep breath?

Deep Breath

January 19

What would you like to let go of from your day?

Nighty Night Relaxation

January 16

Where can you invite in more effort and ease?

Effort & Ease

January 13

What would it look like to bring 10% more body awareness into your day?

Experiments in Body Awareness

January 10

What from this practice might you be able to carry into your everyday life when you need to come back to yourself?

Seated Self-Regulating Mini Sequence

January 7

What do you notice when you tend to parts of your body that tend to be overlooked on an everyday basis?

Deep Cleaning

January 4

What do you take away after doing this practice? Jot anything you might like to remember on a post-it and put it somewhere you can see it!

Bringing Yourself Back to Loving-Kindness

January 1

What helps you remember your enoughness? Be specific!

Meditation for Enoughness