Welcome to Round 2 of The Stretch in 2019! This year our theme is Breathe/Move/Release, so this round our theme is Move, which we’ll explore in a variety of ways both on and off the mat.

We’re currently in our Rest/Integration month, but you’re welcome to (re)visit any of the ones from this round below. We’ll be back with new suggestions in September!

Anna & Liz

July 28

Living Your Body Positive Intention

July 21

What else in your life might benefit from a shift in perspective or approach?

No Hands Flow

July 14

What movements most help you wrap up your day?

Evening Unwind

July 7

How does it feel to let yourself move?

I Like to Move It

June 30

What pieces from this practice might you be able to do anytime/anywhere when needed?

Mid-Day Energy Boost

June 23

What insights did you gain from using a wall for your practice? What other places might different support be available to you than you’re used to?

Sun Salutations at the Wall

June 16

What else can you release today?

Hip Release

June 9

Notice the effects of a longer practice so you can continue cultivating a sense of what will serve you when.

Hips & Twists

June 2

How else could you incorporate a vacation vibe into your everyday life in simple & doable ways?

When You Really Need a Beach Vacation

May 31

What surprised you from this practice?

Build the Fire

May 28

How is it to give your back what it needs?

A Stretchy Back Practice

May 25

What do you notice when you do twists?

May I Unfurl

May 22

What does it feel like to move stuck energy rather than sit in it?

Move Your Pent-Up Energy

May 19

Where can you claim your own strength even more in your life?

The Warrior in You

May 16

How does it feel to sync up breath and movement?

Curve 'n Flow

May 13

Remind yourself of how it can feel to invite short, gentle movement in throughout your day.

Motion is Lotion

May 10

Where else in your life might you be able to find your own version of something?

Leg Day the Curvy Yoga Way

May 7

What do you notice when you cultivate both grounding and expansion? Where else might that show up in your life?

Root Down to Rise Up

May 4

How does it feel to let your body move as it wants to?

Free Spirit Slow Flow

May 1

What are the different ways that balance shows up in your life, particularly where you might not regularly consider it?

Playing with Balance